Enjoy Folliage on One of Vermont's Prettiest RoadsThe town of Andover lies just east of Weston and the story goes that Weston was once actually a part of Andover ( the "west town") and what is now Andover and Weston were separated by the bad roads and steep hills of Terrible Mountain. Terrible Mountain is now home to Andover Ridge road and the mountain's ridge line spans the territory between Andover, Weston and Ludlow.


Like many small towns in Vermont, Andover does not have a "downtown" area and is primarily a residential/vacation community. The town covers a lot of area, with almost 30 square miles of land  . . . but with less than 500 residents, it is sparsely populated and there are some absolutely gorgeous back roads, mountain hollows and ridgelines to explore.


Andover sits almost equidistant between the towns of Chester, Ludlow and Londonderry and residents and visitors can easily enjoy, explore and utilize services in any of those towns. Andover residents will attend Chester-Andover Elementary and Green Mountain Union High School.