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Mortgage Calculators


Mortgage and financial calculators can be a tremendous tool as you look to purchase property. There are several kinds of calculators available including calculators that will help you determine how much house you can afford, calculate your combined housing costs (mortgage, taxes and insurance), determine whether or not you should rent or buy a home, and to help you decide if and when to refinance your existing home. offers several free calculators. Just don't be tempted or persuaded to click on the ads -- your best service (and more often than not, your best rates!) will always be from a local mortgage lender or bank. 

The following site is a little more complicated but provides detailed payment options including PITI (principle, interest, property tax and insurance) payments -


Local Mortgage Lenders*

(Alphabetical Order - click on name for hyperlink)


Bank of Bennington

Lisa Souls is in the Manchester Office: (802) 362-4760


First Homeland Mortgage

Stan Nowakowski

(866) 257-7118


Guaranteed Rate

Dwayne Coneeney

(802) 482-1007

Cell: (617) 997-3765


Kittredge Mortgage

Dick Kittredge

Manchester, Vermont

(802) 362-4874


Peoples United

Ask for Katy Sarnes in the Manchester Office: (802)362-0270

Or, the Londonderry Office: (802)824-3121


Vermont Mortgage Company

Rebecca Williams

(802)863-2020 ext.4



 * This is by no means a definitive list and you are encouraged to seek other sources and resources.